A Second Beginning…

April 29, 2008 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Blogging, Learning is Messy | 2 Comments
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I was recently forming a new post for this blog and thought, why do this? Why describe and share my life and work experiences with the general reading public? I haven’t even invited anyone to read it yet!

First, much of what I have learned in the last 4 years has been from listening to podcasts and reading blog posts, books and articles by others who are teaching and working in schools in a way that makes sense to me for my students’ future. I have searched, lurked, listened and read- but further, and more importantly, I have begun collaborations and made new friends by responding to what I have read. I have also reached out and made professional and personal friends with people who were before unreachable when the internet is taken out of the equation.

And I am still learning from what others are sharing. A current example is a recent Twitter post/invitation. Four educators in my network are posing a “31 Day Comment Challenge” to encourage improved blog collaboration, keeping in mind quality over quantity.

So I’m going to take the challenge, pick up this starter professional idea of a blog and begin sharing my experiences and ideas. I too often compare myself to those I follow leaving, who are further ahead on the path I want to take. The challenge for me is to share and not judge my thoughts and writing as naive or unoriginal but rather remember that my situation and level of experience can offer others encouragement and insight. So, this May I plan to post to this blog at least 2 times a week and respond to other blogs as well. I won’t set a number on my responses as I don’t want to leave comments to meet a personal quota, but will instead read posts as if the person were there with me and add to a comment or discussion if I feel I have a question or comment to offer.

What do I have to offer the edtech blogsphere? My status as an experienced edtech beginner, 21 years as a teacher in elementary classrooms in the states, 19 years use of tech in my classrooms ranging from software and email coast to coast keypals to US/Europe real-time student audio collaboration. Up until this year I have been exploring tech in a school-system with an extremely tight budget and this is my first year as an elementary tech integration specialist in an international school that is taking off in terms of 21st century teaching and learning. Essentially, my recent experience in the classroom, level of edtech knowledge and passion for becoming a 21st century educator are the mix of what I have to offer. We all are in various levels of knowledge and experience and sharing these unique ideas and experiences broadens and enriches everyone’s palette.

Thanks Silvia, Kim, Sue and Michele for motivating me to jump in!



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  1. Welcome to the Comment Challenge! Glad you’ve decided to join us.

    You are not alone there are a lot that feel “their writing as naive or unoriginal” because they are at a different place in their journey. The reality is your writing is the most important because it often provides insights that we might not see but need to know about. I still have moments like that and how I deal with it is “Well if I didn’t know it others don’t either so I’m going share what I’ve now learnt.”

  2. Welcome to the edublogoshphere! I am so looking forward to reading your thoughts here and continuing to connect our teachers on authentic globally collaborative projects!

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