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May 1, 2008 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Blogging, Learning is Messy | 6 Comments
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Being a busy person like everyone else, I tend to learn new skills on a “need to apply” basis. To participate in the 31 day challenge, I’ve created a Technorati account and am now writing a post to see if I can tag this post. Day one, one new skill! Thank you Silvia for your guidance!



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  1. Nancy,
    Since you are using a wordpress blog that hosted by wordpress.com I am not sure if the technorati tag converter plugin is automatically working. I see that your comment08 tag is pointing to http://wordpress.com/tag/comment08 and not to http://technorati.com/tag/comment08. Nevertheless, I clicked my way through to your blog post only because it was picked up by the RSS feed of the wiki

    So no matter how your post was tagged… I found you 🙂

    Welcome to the Challenge!

  2. I find it very weird that two of my posts got picked up by WordPress’ automatic related post search. I have no idea why those two showed up. I have bookmarks posts with tags almost every day–why that particular one? Not that I mind the links, of course, since it brought me to your blog, but it’s just a little bizarre.

    Ah well. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow with ed tech, huh?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again during the comment challenge!

  3. Sylvia, I’m new to RSS and tagging a blog. I’ll have to look further into that and see what is happening. I forgot to add the wiki to my netvibes and will do that- glad you mentioned that. I use edublogs, wordpress blogs and have used blogger, to be multi-blog-lingual- but also a master of none. Thanks for commenting!

    Christy, heading off now to check your blog… thanks for leaving a comment and I’m afraid I can’t lend insight into your question, but please let me know when you figure it out!

  4. Sorry, I should have been clearer about the links. Right below your post, there are several links under the title “Possibly related posts.” These are automatically created based on some search that WordPress does. This is a new feature that they just added to our blogs, and I think the search isn’t very accurate yet.

    Here’s an article explaining the feature:
    Possibly an announcement

    Does that help explain it better?

  5. By the way, Technorati will pick up your tag from WordPress even if it doesn’t link to their page. What you did for this post worked.

    You can even see your post on Technorati now.

  6. Mmmm Technorati has been making me think all day. My solution is please try adding the technorati tag into the body of your post as explained on . You can copy and paste the example that included the technorati tag into your posts and that should make them findable for the challenge.

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