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There’s nothing like an idea full of promise to bolster one’s spirits!

I have been talking with one of our 2nd grade teachers who has kept a garden for a few years, has dreams to develop it but never enough time and help. I created and maintained a butterfly garden in New Hampshire and fully understand this. Susan is also a teacher who is very interested in learning more about using technology as a tool for student learning and her teaching. I need a fresh idea for next year’s after-school group and a garden group would allow me a group of students I can work with regularly, as well as with Susan’s class…Voila!

So I have spent the last hour searching for other classes to collaborate with us as we develop our garden. A general search didn’t yield much but when I went back to my old favorite kidsgardening and searched their registered gardens I found many that inspired project ideas for the garden and collaborative opportunities. I also found the blog of Rafael I Merchan’s AGDES blog. His latest post is about school gardens in Nicaragua that are creating a gardening program because “A school garden encourages local children to transfer the gardening techniques learned in the school garden to gardens in their homes, introducing new vegetables into their diets and that of their families. In addition, the garden products can be used as complements to a School Lunch Program, whereby food can be taken home by the kids, or sold at the local markets.” Certainly a privileged school such as ours can assist their efforts and we can also learn about gardening together.

If you are interested in collaborating with gardening and/or developing a project that will help support the gardens in Nicaragua or International Agriculture and Development, please contact me!


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