Keeping fresh and focused

September 21, 2008 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Learning is Messy, Planning, Tech Integration | 1 Comment
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Now that the first 2 ½ weeks of school are in, Open House is over and I’m looking at a typically busy fall- I feel the need to set a new mantra to keep fresh and focused. My new mantra is from The Geography of Bliss. In it, Weiner relates a Thai expression, “mai pen lai” which means, nevermind, let it go or it doesn’t matter. As a typical American, this has always been difficult for me and I occasionally engage in thinking too much in an unproductive vein.

So I have set my focus then for this fall as:
•    setting up and proctoring the NWEA MAP tests (for the first time)
•    helping teachers get the new math program, Pearson EnVisions, digital components off the ground and into student’s hands
•    my first conference presentation at the MAIS conference
•    celebrate and focus on global classroom collaborations in grades K, 1 ESL, 4 and 5
•    enjoy my role as teacher/facilitator with my after-school digital collaboration kids (grades 3-5) and trying 2 new tools a month

The above are listed in order from those requiring the most sweat to those providing the most joy. It’s a fairly long list but I’ve put many things that are also needed on the back burner.

What are your priorities and goals for the rest of 2008?
How do you keep fresh and focused?


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  1. Having grown up in the States, lived for 5 years in Germany, and now on my fourth year in southeast Asia (2 in Malaysia) and currently in Thailand, I have to admit that a little bit of ‘enforced’ “mai pen rai” is definitely a good thing.

    One of the reasons we left Germany is because I found my already natural “type-a” attitude overcoming my life. Being forced into a slower pace, more relaxed attitude towards life has definitely helped me gain a little perspective.

    Unfortunately, I really did have to move halfway around the world to get it. And I’m still probably the most type-a person I know 😉

    One of my goals for the year is to focus on what’s important and to be strategic by planning long term and developing steps for implementation. I’m not quite sure how I’m doing so far, but I am definitely making an effort to take things a little slower…

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