Who inspires you?

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Blog WordleAfter Ewan McIntosh‘s keynote at the London ECIS IT conference I attended recently, I decided to attend all his workshops. His views on the use of technology make so much sense to me- we have these technological advancements in our world and why not harness their power to create better schools and communities? In my notes from one of his workshops I wrote a quote, “It’s not about technology, it’s about changing someone’s life a bit.” That really summed it up for me. It’s all about joining the conversation, contributing, engaging our students in meaningful learning experiences.

Here are a few inspiring examples from Ewan:

Most of what I’ve learned and applied regarding tech use in education are from these sources of inspiration:

Bit by Bit and Seedlings blog and podcasts:
After my first taste of digital audio recording and editing for publication, I found Bob Sprankle’s class blog and podcasts. I’ve been following Bob, Alice and Cheryl ever since.

Chris Chater– Elementary music teacher extraordinaire and very nice guy. We connected years ago and collaborate and have become friends over the years.

Kim Cofino, Siliva Tolisano and Julie Lindsay– Tech Educators who inspire me. I think they are super-human as they seem to have more hours in the day than the rest of us based on their capacity to share and organize collaborations.

Who inspires you?



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  1. Thank you Nancy, you’re too kind! I also had the pleasure of seeing Ewan speak when he was in Shanghai for Learning 2.008. He was as inspiring then as he clearly was in London. Now you’ve got me thinking on who inspires me… Perhaps a meme in the making?

  2. Nancy,
    Thank you for including me in the list of tech educators who inspire you. That is one of the best compliments I could get. Don’t forget that YOU (!!!) are up there too. I follow your footsteps too.

  3. Nancy, thanks for being a great colleague and friend. We are all on the same path…heading in the same direction..I was really pleased to catch up again recently in London.

  4. […] alone, but with my PLN and my “professors” are those I wrote about recently as my inspiration. On our campus, we’ve launched and successfully completed/continued two global collaborations […]

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