Sharing the Love from BLC09

August 5, 2009 at 11:35 pm | Posted in Conference, Presentations, Resources | 2 Comments
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Now that I’m back at work, I’ll have to reflect on my learning at BLC09 bucket by bucket from the firehose output of information/ideas/inspiration.  I was viewing this video posted recently by Vicki Davis,  about the open culture that is out there for use by educators and learners. Also, I virtually attended the ISTE NECC David Weinbergerconference this year and have done so with other conferences and I was deeply grateful to the actual participants who shared their thoughts and links. In that spirit of sharing I am listing below resources and links that I have gleaned from many main conference sessions attended at BLC09 and #BLC09 on Twitter. It is definitely not a complete list and I welcome any additions you may want to add.

On a side note, during sessions and keynotes I took notes on google docs and shared a few of my pages with my friend Chris, who was in Paris. In reviewing the shared google docs recently, it was fun to read the comments he added.

Other conference reflections:

Session presentations (slideshows)

Session presentations (audio):

Session presentations (video):




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  1. This is awesome! One-stop shop for all your BLC09 needs! Thank you for compiling this. 🙂

  2. This is indeed awesome. I have stuff all over the place and no time to compile it except in some google docs folder and a few slideshares on my personal blog. This is ever so helpful for folks like me who have not had time to process it all with an organizational outcome. Thanks so much!

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