Our Kids Have Already Shifted

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OK, I know this is not new, not a brilliant realization, many of us already know this in our souls. But I do feel the need to build evidence, anecdotes, for the non-believers.

I recently saw a twitter message from @rhondacarrier
@rhondacarrier Twitter post
This prompted me to share an observation I’d been meaning to blog about. A 20-year-old college student who wanted to find a job on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer, was told this summer by her boss that she was selected from a large pile of applicants after he started “googling” the applicants. She had some impressive accomplishments from high school and university and he told her, “I knew if you could manage that, you could work well in my store.” Also, she searched for the summer job on Craig’s List by searching the locations where she wanted to work and spend the summer.

Another example. A friend of mine was at home with her 20-year-old son who has discovered a talent for digital games design and programming since high school. She was trying to figure out how to accomplish something on her laptop while we were talking on Skype and she was stuck on one step and asked him, “How did you do (the command) again??” Her son responded in an exasperated tone, “Just look around the screen, you’ll find it.” She laughed and explained why; earlier he was looking for something that she said was in the hall closet- after a quick look he again asked where it was and she had told him, “If you really take a look around, you’ll find it.”

Even though I find many of the new teachers each year surprisingly uncomfortable with using tech tools in their classrooms, the generation as old as in their 20s already thinks and approaches tasks differently. I find this is compounded with students in elementary school. Why do we need to revise (redo?) our schools and the way we teach and learn? Because the wealth of technology tools and research on teaching and learning allows us to be better teachers and learners, benefiting everyone in the long run.


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