Itay Talgam- Conductors as Leaders

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Stay in the question(s): Reflections from the Apple Leadership Conference2010 (Part 5/6)

I have thought of teachers as conductors before, but have to admit I hadn’t given much thought to conductors and their styles of leadership.  Posted below is  Itay Talgam’s  TED Talk that demonstrates a portion of what he shared.

My notes:

  • People want to be tested to the extreme, engaged
  • You go on roller coasters, but only if they are sound and you feel you can trust that you can push and be tested but you will be safe
  • When you cross the line, you need to trust that someone will be there.
  • Above self-actualization is self-transcendence
  • Control of the environment, climate should be there but there should also exist flexibility, pliancy. It’s not a matter of pulling and releasing a rope.

After Itay spoke, a string quartet preformed and spoke with and interacted with Itay about performing as a group. Then ISP teacher/musicians performed improv jazz and also performed with the string quartet. Itay facilitated discussion and demonstration of performance leadership and improvisation. I was left with the question, What type of leader am I? In the classroom? With colleagues?


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