Essential Physical Features in an Elementary Classroom

July 4, 2010 at 12:08 pm | Posted in Collaboration, culture, Literacy, Planning, Project-based Learning | 1 Comment

The last 2 months have been full of supporting teachers with end of the year projects and tasks, arranging a move from Madrid to Prague, and wrapping up my time as a tech integrator at my previous school.

As I write, I’ve been home in the US for 2 days and sinking into vacation mode as jet lag wears away. I’m also planning for my next position as a grade 3 teacher at the International School of Prague.

As an elementary classroom teacher in the past I always enjoyed (mostly) re-imagining what my classroom should contain and how it should be arranged.  For example, there needed to be a gathering area with a rug, some sort of collaboratively friendly arrangement of the desks, and classroom computers for communication, information and expression in a pod or dispersed through the room. Then after school started and we all got to know each other, more changes would be made.

After 3 years out of the classroom, I have new ideas for classroom features and I would love more ideas and input.  What are physical features or objects that you have or have seen in an elementary classroom that made the classroom special?


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  1. Read this article found on Twitter feed for CMI2010:

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