First Skype collaboration this year

November 18, 2012 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Collaboration, Global Collaboration | Leave a comment

On Wednesday we connected with Mr. Carpenter’s class from the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville, Florida. This was our first class-to-class global connection and we shared a bit about Prague and our school and learned about our friends’ school and Jacksonville. Aside from learning about another place in the world, we learned how to:

  • organize a “meeting” by choosing and assigning jobs
  • how to research and share information and data about Prague and ISP
  • organize and record information on a GoogleDoc
  • how to speak clearly, listen to others and respond to their comments; how to converse
  • how to name 7-digit and larger numbers
  • responsibly carry out our individual parts of the group conference
  • realize that these calls are conversations and don’t always cover everything we plan

To improve future calls we will:

  • Allow students who were not able to participate enough this time to assume more active jobs on the next call
  • Allow the researchers to follow their own interests sparked from the conversation, not just as the group requests
  • Change 1 of the 2 photographer jobs to a videographer
  • Have more than one GoogleDoc recorder- it’s a big job!

We still need to create and add placemarks to our Skype call map and continue to share information with Mr Carpenter’s class on our Google Doc.

Coming in a few weeks, our first Mystery Skype call!


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